A comfy and effective way to mop up excess and save the planet while you're breastfeeding. Simply pop inside your nursing bra, and wash with your normal laundry when you're done. Avoid fabric conditioner for best absorbency.Handmade in Congresbury by Pussycat Cloth.

Nursing pads (reusable) - pack of 2 sets

  • Top: 100% cotton
    Core: Bamboo towelling and flannel (double layer)
    Backing: Polar fleece (water resistant) 

    • Rinse the pad in cold water after use
    • Optional: Store your used pads in a bag to wash together
    • It’s best to wash your pads within a couple of days to reduce staining
    • Wash the pads with your normal load (up to 60 degrees). Don’t use fabric softener, as this can reduce absorbency
    • Air dry