Transform your cycle with these super comfy, eco-friendly reusable sanitary towels. With a range of fabrics available, switching to cloth menstrual pads means comfier, prettier and more environmentally friendly periods. They are handmade locally by Pussycat Cloth.


Pad length: 20cm/8in

Menstrual Cloth Pad (reusable) 8inch/20cm (Light)

  • Top: 100% cotton
    Core: Bamboo towelling and flannel (double layer)
    Backing: Polar fleece (water resistant) 

    • Rinse the pad in cold water after use
    • Optional: Store your used pads in a bag to wash together
    • It’s best to wash your pads within a couple of days to reduce staining
    • Wash the pads with your normal load (up to 60 degrees). Don’t use fabric softener, as this can reduce absorbency
    • Air dry