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We're delighted to be partnering with the Bristol-based suppliers to Congar's Cafe, Wogan's Coffee, to bring you decaffinated Swiss Water Honduran refill coffee beans in our favourite way: plastic-free and closed-loop.


Decaffeinated without any chemical element, this coffee is rich and nutty, with notes of maple syrup, praline and milk chocolate.


Here's what Wogans say about this coffee, because they know more about it than we do (we just like to drink it!):


Beneficio Santa Rosa Mill takes coffee in parchment form from nearby farms with traceable location tags. Beans are prepared in the central mill before being sent to the Swiss Water Decaffeination plant in Canada. The process simply uses pure water and osmosis to produce coffee that is 99.9% free of caffeine.

Decaf Coffee Beans - organic fair trade (100g)

100 Grams
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